August 13 – Walking Cape Town’s Northwest Coast and Meeting with Friends

My last day in Cape Town arrived and I planned to take it easy. This is really a beautiful town, with some terrible traffic: it’s hard to keep traffic down when your roads are squished between an ocean (actually two) and a mountain.

I was very excited today to visit with some friends who are living here at the moment. They suggested we meet for lunch at a place called Scheckter’s RAW, which was only a little over an hour’s walk from my B&B along the coast. The walk was fantastic and I got to see a lot more of the west coast of Cape Town than I had previously.

Looking south-southeast toward Camps Bay © James Palmer

Scheckter’s RAW had a fantastic selection of vegan and gluten-free food. Now, before you think, “Yuck!” or, “Yeah, but don’t you like food with taste?” let me just say that it was amazing! I actually tend to strongly dislike vegan food because of, frankly, a lack of taste, but this place was great! I had their Organic Hemp & Flax Thai Curry and a “Kashew King” smoothie. The smoothie (which was unreal) had cashews, organic cacao butter, almond butter, almond milk, dates, bananas, organic mesquite, pea protein, vanilla, Himalayan salt, and crushed ice. Mmmmmm…I want seven more right now.

Organic Hemp & Flax Thai Curry with a Kashew King smoothie at Scheckter’s RAW © James Palmer

After lunch and 2.5-hour catch up with my friends, they took me for a walk along the shorefront, continuing north.

Looking north toward the V&A Waterfront © James Palmer

We talked jobs, nature, life in Cape Town, and South African politics and the time whizzed by. Before we knew it, the wind was really picking up and we had walked all the way to V&A Waterfront and I was 11km from my B&B. We all found our appropriate buses and I got a taste of the pretty robust Cape Town transit system as I headed back.

The kids’ train at the busy V&A Waterfront © James Palmer
Cape Town transit map © James Palmer

I had a great time learning about and seeing more of Cape Town today and it was really great to get to spend the better part of the day with my friends. I was especially flattered that we’d had so much time together, given that one of them works normal-ish hours and the other works nights (he works remotely in a North American time zone) and had to get up early to meet me!

I hope to see you both again soon! Maybe Paris?





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